baby height and weight chart Every Parent Must Know

Baby Weight and Height Chart Every Parent Must Know

Are you a parent of a baby of 0-5yrs old? if yes, are you sure about the the baby height and weight growth of the baby?  If not, It is very important for the new parents to take a note of their baby weight and height. The neonatal’s physical health is very important for you to keep a record of their development. But why?

Here is the reasones listed below.

Baby Weight And Height Chart

Why is it Important To Follow Baby Weight And Height Chart?

The answer is both simple and complex in its own way. 

Simple because the kids tend to show miraculous deviation in either their weight or their height and complex because the abrupt change in their height and weight can lead to some other hidden disease. 

So never, ignore the importance of the height and the weight chart for the kids. 

The regular monitoring of the height and weight of the kids is very much important since they provide a knowledge about the proper physical development.

What Are The Consequences Of Retarded Body Height And Weight?

There are many problems that arise due to improper weight and height development of the kids.

You may not be aware of them but according to the recent studies of the pediatricians, the baby weight and height chart are essential for the nutrition and the care the kids will need.

How Can you Improve The Kid’s Height And Body?

Well, if you are tensed and worried for your kid’s height and body weight and don’t know how to normalize them and curb the symptoms of prematurity,

then here we are providing some of the best and the easiest ways.

  • Maintaining a properly balanced diet will help you to improve the weight and height of your kids. The pediatricians mostly provide the balanced diet chart and the follow up of the same is extremely essential.
  •  For the kids, more than exercises, the different nutrient supplements are a better
    option. So try to give them the healthy yet delicious foods that are rich in
    nutrients, especially milk, protein-rich foods and vitamins, and minerals.
  • Maintain a proper child growth chart and weight chart for your kids. 

How To Keep A Track Of Your Baby Height And Weight?

The best way to keep a track record of your baby’s development is to follow the baby weight and height chart. 

The parameters are expressed in the form of percentiles and it is very important for the parents to check the percentile data because they are not the actual ones.

  • Paste a standard kid’s growth chart in your living room. Measure the heights every week and compare it to the standard height chart according to the age. This will help you to know whether your kid is improving or not.
  • Take the weight records of your kids and compare it with the standardized weight chart for the kids. This will make you knowledgeable about the addition and subtraction of nutrition you will need to do.

Standard Baby Weight And Height Chart For 0- 12 Year





46.3 – 53.4

2.5 – 4.3


51.1 – 58.4

3.4 – 5.7


54.7 – 62.2

4.4 – 7.0


57.6 – 65.3

5.1 – 7.9


60.0 – 67.8

5.6 – 8.6


61.9- 69.9

6.1 – 9.2


63.6 – 71.6

6.4 – 9.7


65.1 – 73.2

6.7 – 10.2


66.5 – 74.7

7.0 – 10.5


67.7 – 76.2

7.2 – 10.9


69.0 – 77.6

7.5 – 11.2


70.2 – 78.9

7.4 – 11.5


71.3 – 80.2

7.8 – 11.8

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