Effects of Chewing Tobacco or Smoking

Effects of chewing tobacco and Smoking

chewing tobacco

Before getting into the effects of chewing tobacco.
I will tell you what is chewing tobacco or dipping means.
Chewing tobaccoĀ is nothing but keeping tobacco in the mouth inside the cheek or in between the cheek and gum and keep chewing and spitting.

Dipping is similar as chewing in this case people keep the nicotine in between lips and teeth/gum and use to spit on the particular interval of time.

The reason of why people smoke or chewing tobacco.

There are many reasons for smoking.

  • Teenagers adopt from their elders without knowing chewing tobacco side effects.
  • Few people want to taste it and unfortunately, they like the taste. šŸ™‚
  • Few teenagers think that they are grown enough to smoke and chewing tobacco so let’s start this habit.

And finally they become addicted of smoking or chewing tobacco, basically, they are addicted to nicotine not smoking or chewing tobacco.

Effects of chewing tobacco and smoking.

These habits (Chewing tobacco or smoking) not only causes cancer.
It has lots of killer ingredients.Ā You can’t even imagineĀ the harmful effects of tobacco chewing really its “HUGE“.
Let’s quickly go through the short and long-term effects of tobacco. Then I will cover how you can quit this habit.

Short-term effects of tobacco chewing and Smoking.

  • One of the major short-term effects is bad breath. Either you have mint or not people will keep a distance from you.
  • Increased heart rate.
  • Blood pressure goes up by up to 8% -10%.
  • Eyes will have an impact,will look stressed and red.
  • Weak gums and yellow teeth especially for the one who uses tobacco.
  • Damages mouth interiors like cheek, gum, teeth, and tongue.
  • Bad swat in high quantity.
  • Breathing problems and Stained fingers especially for smokers.Ā 

Long-term effects of tobacco chewing and smoking.

  • It causes Lung, throat, mouth, kidney, and stomach cancers.
  • Increase heart Disease.
  • Reproductive Damage is also at high risk.
  • Prematurely wrinkled skin.
  • Less lifespan up to 20 years.
  • And finally “DEATH”.

How to quit chewing tobacco and smoking.

So far we got to know the danger of smoking and tobacco chewing. Now it’s time to know how to quit these habits.

Everyone says its very hard to quit but it all depends on your willpower or it’s just a matter of how much dedicated you are towards quitting these habits.
Here I have some basic and simple tips which work betterĀ andĀ will help you in quitting tobacco chewing and smoking.

  • It’s very hard to quit immediately so you take your time, it could be two or max four weeks.
  • Don’t just decideĀ to quit it because someone is telling you to quit, Listing your own voice and start.
  • Suppose you are having 10 packets a day then start reducing by 1 a day.
  • You can reduce by quantity or frequency both will help you to quit.
  • you can try some chewing tobacco alternatives like nicotine chewing gum or e-cigarette.
  • Make a habit ofĀ  the brush after each chewing, it will help you to reduce it.
  • Start telling others to quit this.
  • Chewing for less time and spit as soon as you can.
  • Make new friends who donā€™t support it.
  • Don’t disclose to new people/friends about your addiction so that you can avoid in front of them.Ā 
  • Don’t have this just for giving company to your friends.

Start trying these above tips from today.

Kill this habit before it kills you.!!

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