How Many Your Daily Calories Intake Should Be?

How Many Your Daily Calorie Intake Should Be?

This is one of the important topics which I am going to discuss is “How Many Your Daily Calorie Intake Should Be”.

Why it’s important to know about how much calorie par day we should eat?

Because your daily calorie intake is the main factor of your weight gain or loss process.

You must think how many calories do I need?

Or how much approx quantity of calorie we should have.

And to be honest it is different for every single person because we all need different energy level to perform our day to day activity.

Our each diet contains certain amount of calories.

You can find less calorie diet plan and how to adopt diet plan in my earlier post for beginners.

So Lets understand how to calculate daily calorie intake.

STEP-1 : You need to know your current goal.

Do You Want to :

  • Lose Weight?
  • Gain Weight?
  • Maintain Weight?

To Lose Weight you need to cut down your calories.

And to Gain Weight its just opposite, you need to consume more amount of calories.

And to maintain you need to have accurate calories as much your body needs.

STEP-2 :  You must know your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate).

What is BMR?

In layman term “BMR is the amount of energy you need to survive”. For example, our body needs energy to perform internal activities i.e digesting,  breathing, heart beating and so on. So for all these, our body needs some set of calories which will burn to perform those internal activities. So going on a no-calorie diet is really dangerous.

How to know your BMR?

We need few things to calculate your BMR.

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Age
  • Gender

Follow this link to calculate your BMR.

STEP-3 :  Find Your Activity Factor.

What is Activity Factors?

 Activity factor is really different for everyone it is based on your day to day activity or your job.

It is divided into FIVE (5) Categories.  (A Quick definition of all categories are given below)

1.) Sedentary :

The one who doesn’t do any physical activity, for example, a person who does Desk work, seating at home, A patient. Activity Factor for Sedentary is 1.2

2.) Lightly Active :

The one who do physical works or workout 1 to 3 times in a week. Activity Factor for Lightly Active is 1.375

3.) Moderate : 

In this category, people do workout every alternate day so the one who does physical activity 3 to 5 days a week is a Moderate. Activity Factor for Moderate Active is 1.55

4.) Active :

The person who works out daily that means 6 to 7 days a week is comes under the Active category. Activity Factor for  Active is 1.72

5.) Very Active :

Now finally the very active person is the one who does lots of physical work daily like picking up heavy things, hammering, swatting more on the job are comes under the very active category. Activity Factor for very Active is 1.9

STEP-4 :

Let's Calculate our Daily Calorie Intake.

I am assuming that you have already calculated your BMR. from the above link and must have analyzed your Activity Factor.

Now the process will become easy to calculate Daily intake.

Let’s assume  you found your BMR as 1885

And your activity factor is  lightly Active which is 1.375

You just need to multiply your BMR and activity factor to find the Daily calorie intake.

So in this case your

Daily calorie intake would be

1885 x 1.375 = 2591.8

This calorie is to maintain your weight.

Now if you want to lose weight you can reduce your daily diet to have fewer calories than 2591.8.

OR you can increase your calorie from 2591.8 to gain weight.

Hope this information was useful for you. 

Thank you for reading  🙂

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