List Of Foods To Avoid While Breastfeeding​

List of Foods to avoid while breastfeeding

Foods To Avoid While Breastfeeding​

If you are doing a breastfeeding to your baby then you must know these list of foods to avoid when breastfeeding, because what you will eat your baby is going to have the same food indirectly in the form of milk,

So before getting into what not to eat while breastfeeding, you must know why is mother milk important?  Here is the answer of it.

Why Is Mother's Milk Important?

Mother’s milk is very much important for the newborns.

  • The colostrum consists of Immunoglobin A that adds to the immune system of the baby.
  • Mother’s milk is the digestible form of nutrients laden food that the baby can absorb.
  • It protects the baby from itchiness, rashes and other diseases.
  • The digestible fluid form of the milk contains fiber that helps in the excretion of the excess bilirubin, preventing jaundice.
  • The proper growth development of the newborns is highly dependent on the mother’s milk

What Should A Mother Do?

It is very important for the mother to follow a strict breastfeeding diet to make sure that her baby is getting the proper nutrients. Sometimes after the pregnancy food craving occurs and women tend to go back to their original routine. However, according to WHO, a diet for breastfeeding mothers is highly recommended. There are many foods to avoid during breastfeeding for a healthier baby.

What Are The Foods To Avoid While Breastfeeding?

There is a generalized list of foods that breastfeeder mothers should avoid especially during the first six to twelve months as the baby is very weak in that period to fight against any infection. So here are we presenting the common foods that you should avoid to keep a proper balance in the nutrients of your milk.


Caffeine is digestible by our GI tract but only after the wall of the track is strong enough to withstand the rich fibrous and chemical composition. However, in case of the babies, it is strongly recommended to avoid drinking coffee as it is one of the prime things not to eat while breastfeeding. One or two cup of coffee is fine but more than that its not recommended 

Drinking wines or other forms of alcohol is quite common. However, it does not fall into the category of the food for breastfeeding mother. The chemicals in alcohol can easily pass to the child through the mother’s milk and that causes the child to vomit or even stomach aches. 

Not all the seafood are restricted. However, some seafood contains a high level of mercury especially fishes cultured near industrial regions. These mercury-laden fishes is a food to avoid during breastfeeding.

Citrus fruit might be one of the major sources of Vitamin C, however the same cannot be said while you are feeding another soul. Vitamins are micronutrients and that’s why they can easily pass through the milk into the child’s gut. Vitamin C can cause fussiness and even rashes to appear on the skin.

Some addition list of “what not to eat while breastfeeding

  • chocolate
  • spices 
  • strawberries
  • kiwifruit
  • pineapple
  • All the fruits which contain a laxative effect, for example cherries and prunes.

So if you are trying to know some breastfeeding tips, the above are some which you can follow. They will help to list the foods you should eat and the foods you cannot. This is a strict routine since the health of your milk will affect both you and your baby. Mother’s milk is very important for shaping up the baby’s immune systems and reports have revealed, those kids who don’t get enough milk suffers from various immunological diseases. 

Hope this article “List of Foods To Avoid While Breastfeeding was helpful for you.  

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