Top 6 Restricted Foods Categories

Highly restricted foods and its disadvantages. Top 6 Restricted Foods Categories

highly restricted foods

Let’s talk about the foods, in-fact yummy foods which we like most. They are nothing but Pizza, Burgers, hot dog, sandwich and much more. along with these there are n-number of junk foods are available which we like to have on a daily basis but they are highly restricted foods.These foods have the high level of cholesterol/fat which is dangerous for our health.

Below you can find highly restricted foods which we should not have during weight loss process.

Junk Foods

Junk food is high in calories, but low in nutrients. Filling your diet with junk food causes an array of problems in your body. Junk food is often high in sugar, fat, and calories while providing very few nutrients

20-restricted Foods-Burger
20-restricted Foods-bread cream
restricted Foods-fries

Along with avoiding these foods follow this workout plan for better results. You will loose minimum 1.5KG in a week.

Oily Foods

Due to oily Foods, your blood flow can become completely blocked and result in a heart attack or stroke.

Eating Oily food is like drinking oil indirectly

restricted Foods-fried foods
restricted Foods-Dampak-Negatif-Makan-Gorengan
restricted Foods-sangam-indian-bread-pakoda

Red Meat

Red meat – such as beef, lamb, and pork – can form part of a healthy diet. But eating a lot of red and processed meat probably increases your risk of bowel cancer.

Red meat is a good source of protein and provides vitamins and minerals, such as iron and zinc.

But evidence shows that there is probably a link between eating red and processed meat and the risk of bowel cancer. People who eat a lot of these meats are at higher risk of bowel cancer than those who eat small amounts.

restricted Foods-red meat-mutton
restricted Foods-red meat fried meat
restricted Foods-red meat fried meat kabab


Eating candy and sweets as part of our diet adds a lot of empty calories to our daily caloric intake, which can easily cause excess weight gain and high risk of diabetes.

restricted Foods-Sweet cakes
restricted Foods-Sweet items
restricted Foods-Sweet items-choco

Cake & Pastries

Cakes have a very high content of carbohydrates and fats and so may make you put on weight.

The sugars in the cake may increase your blood glucose level and so you may become diabetic on a long run.

restricted Foods-cake
restricted Foods-cake and cakes
restricted Foods-cake and cakes maxres
restricted Foods-cake and cakes maxes-pastries

Ice creams

All dairy products, ice cream is high in fat, along with fat it contains saturated fat, sugar and high level of cholesterol.   

Which causes weight gain, Blood sugar, and heart attack.

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