Home Remedies For Cough For Kids

Home Remedies For Cough For Kids

Cold and cough is a common problem for the children. In fact, sometimes it becomes worrisome and painful for the kids. 

And it’s more heartbreaking upon seeing your kid awake at late nights because of coughs.

Home Remedies For Cough

Are you aware of the early cause of coughs?

Causes Of Coughs In Kids

It is in your nature to hyperventilate. It’s okay, all you need to do is go through these causes which most of the times you tend to ignore.

  • Infections are the most common cause of coughs. Children are susceptible to cold, flu and other respiratory infections.
  • Acid reflux is another reason for coughing fits. In addition, kids may also vomit if coughing continues.
  • Asthma is a chronic cause of this problem. It is not that much common amidst toddlers.
  • Some children show allergic symptoms. The primary symptom is a cough as their body tries to eliminate the foreign sensation.
  • A whooping cough is a bacterial disease that is responsible for ‘back coughs’.
  • Your kid might be suffering from strep throat.

Know here what are the remedies for strep throat.

Sometimes, the natural cough remedies for kids are more effective than antibiotics.

Your child is very delicate, like a flower. Don’t always depend upon chemicals for their health.

Do you want to stop it before your kid suffers? 

We have shorted out few best home remedies for cough for kids.

Home Remedies For Cough For Kids

Home Remedies For Cough

These are the simplest and healthy cough remedies. You can take the initiatives whenever you want.


  There is perhaps nothing more effective than honey. It contains flavonoids in addition to antibacterial properties. The combined effect makes it the most preferred baby cough remedy.


  World Health Organisation has revealed that more liquid intake is a good cough remedy. Moreover, with increased body fluid, the mucus deposition will be reduced. You must try this out!


  This is both a treat and toddler cough remedies. The vegetables in the warm soup have their individual healing powers. Not to mention, the soup has proven to be quite good in reducing nasal congestion.


  Turmeric is one of the preferred home remedies for a cough for kids. The natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties put an immediate ease to itchy throats. When coupled with milk, it is a double booster for your kid.


  The aloe vera leaves is one of the natural cough remedies for kids. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties help in killing the microorganisms. In addition to this, aloe vera also keeps the disease at bay.


  Rich in sulphur, this vegetable is a master of home remedies for a cough for kids. Its detox releasing property when eaten helps in the fighting of the infection. You can include half the slice of the onion in your kid’s diet. As a matter of fact, in medieval times, onions had been used to ward away infections.

Want to know the best healthy foods for your kids?

External Home Remedies For Cough For Kids

In spite of trying the above methods, you need to give some extra help. This help is given from outside to reduce discomfort.


Inhalation of warm vapors is a suggested home remedy for a cough for kids. The warmth of the vapors helps in softening the mucus deposition. This lessens the nose blockade and your kid can now sleep soundly.


Salt dissolved in water helps in clearing congestion of the nasal tracts. You can prepare the spray in your home. The application is just like other nasal drops.

Antibiotics are taken in drastic conditions. However, the ways we have discussed are any- time cure. You can even try these during monsoons or winters. It is not necessary to try them only when the kids are sick.

Few more importent tips for children health you may like this also.

Check you children daily calorie inake to avoid obesity in early stage.

Calculating calorie is a just 2min job, and each and every individual must know their daily calorie intake.

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