Home Remedies For Sinus Headache

Home Remedies For Sinus Headache

Do you sometimes feel like your head will burst in the next moment if you don’t pop down two advils or tylenols down your throat? 

Or do you see a virtual hammer hammering your head constantly and not letting you even breathe due to the immense pain? 

As a matter of fact, it is nothing uncommon in having an infurious headache that starts from above your eyebrows and extends till your forehead. 

The medical problem from which you are suffering can be properly termed as Sinusitis.

Home Remedies For Sinus Headache

Are you confused in judging the throbbing pain in your head? Confusing it with migraine or something even more worst? Well, nothing to worry about. 

We are here to throw light on the common symptoms of sinusitis.

What Are The Sinus Headache Symptoms?

Let’s take a look at the common sinus symptoms people generally have!

  • Due to the inflamed sinus air sacs of your face, you might feel pressure and pain on your face.
  • Nasal blockage due to deposition of mucus.
  • Pale yellowish nasal discharge.
  • Headaches in regions like between your eyes, above the eyebrow ridges, forehead, areas above the pinna and the frontal lobe of the cranium.
  • Sometimes, dental pain is an additional sinus headache symptom.
  • Foul breath and fatigue.
  • Strep throat with occasional cough.

Yes, the pain indeed sometimes become intolerable and you need to rely on a daily dosage of painkillers for getting relief, the constant painkiller dosages are not good for your health. 

We might not understand the extent of the damage a simple headache painkiller tablet can cause, but studies have proved that patients suffer from various diseases when exposed to drugs for a prolonged time.

See here what are the effects of smoking.

That is why we are presenting you with the non- harmful home remedies for a sinus headache!

Some Optimal Home Remedies For Sinus Headache

Stay Hydrated

By keeping your body filled with abundant water can help in making the mucous hypotonic solution, therefore thinning out the density. 

This will reduce the inflammation of the sinuses, thereby giving you relief from the nose blockade and also the pain.

 However, make sure you prevent taking in dehydrating foods like caffeine, alcohol and other strong beverages. 

This is the preliminary sinus cure you need to follow.

Inhalation of Steam

Another optimal home remedies for sinus, the inhalation of steam will make the hardened mucous liquid and as a result, there will be nose discharge. 

The release of the deposited mucous will reduce the sinus inflammation, especially if your sinuses have been inflamed due to allergic or cold issues.


Saline sprays can help you to make the mucous a little less dense, thereby converting it into the liquid form as soon as the salt comes in contact with the inflamed mucous membrane along your nasal chamber. Saline spray is one of the oldest sinus cure.  

Foods That Act As Home Remedies For Sinus

Besides the above-mentioned tricks, there are certain foods that will help you in getting rid of a sinus headache.


The antibacterial property of the acetic acid helps in fighting off the bacterial or viral infection. 

This, in turn, reduces the congestion and also reduces the facial pressure. 

The pain is lessened to a huge extent and the deposited mucous gets discharged.

Apple cidar vinegar plays other roles too. See here what can be cured by it. 


One of the most important spices, turmeric is an easy home remedy for a sinus headache. 

Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties release the facial tension and help in mucous discharge.

These Home Remedies For Sinus Headache will give you relief but not on the first day. 

You need to have the patience for it and if the problem again appears after getting subdued, consult a doctor for confirmation.

Sometimes, sinus headache cause your heart rate to increase, a sign of panic and pain. Want to know how to minimize the increasing blood pressure? See our post for further help.

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