How Many Bones In The Human Body | A complete Guide

How Many Bones In The Human Body | A complete Guide

The human body is very much intriguing in its own form. You all know that we are the most advanced form of the primates.

But have you ever imagined that what makes us different from the early primates?

Have you thought that what supports the refined and unique human body structure?

The answer is in fact very simple, the skeletal system.

For many of us, it’s like there are 206 bones in the human body and the knowledge is enough. However, there is more to this mysterious and hidden organ system of our body.

Do you want to take a ride to the wonderful world of bones of the body?

How many bones in the human body

Interesting Facts About Human Skeletal System!

Human anatomy has always kept people amazed and marveling at its origin. As a matter of fact, our most important framework is the bone. Let us see what the facts that are hidden from our eyes are.

  • The number of bones in the human body is 206. On the contrary, during the birth, there are 300 bones. So how many bones in the human body disappears?

No, it does not. Rather, the smaller bones join together to form fixed immovable bones.

  • A typical long bone like the one in your thigh represents a coconut. This comparison is basically to emphasize the structure of the bones in the body.

 It is hard from outside due to calcium reserves. In contrast to it, on the inside, it either contains bone marrow or is hollow, soft in nature.

  • 54 bones are present in the upper arms. Shocked?

It’s true! This huge number of small bones allows movement of out hand in many directions.

  • We have one bone which practically floats. Yes, the anchoring bone in our neck. Hyoid bone helps in the attachment the cranial and neck muscles.

 However, it’s uniqueness is that it is not attached to any other bone of the body.

  • Our thigh bone or the femur is quite interesting. It is strong as granite and is the largest bone that supports our appendicular system.
  • Just like we shed our epidermal skin every moment, our bones also renew themselves. In other words, after every seven years, new bones replace the old ones. And we don’t even feel the pain of replacement.

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How Many Bones In The Human Body?

How Many Bones In The Human Body
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The human body has 206 bones, divided into two major systems.

  • The two major subdivisions of bones in the human body are the AXIAL and APPENDICULAR system.
  • The axial system consists of the skull, jaws, facial bones, vertebral column, rib cage, and sternum.
  • The appendicular system consists of the bones in the upper and the lower limbs, shoulder girdle and the hip girdle.

We often question, how many bones in the human body are present in different parts? Let us see the skeletal division!

The Human Skeleton

  • The skull is made up of cranium, mandible, and maxillae: 22 bones
  • The vertebral column consists of total 24 bones divided into 5 parts: Cervical(7), Thoracic(12), Lumbar(5), Scarum(5) and Coccyx(4)
  • The rib cage consists of 12 pairs of ribs that starts from vertebral column towards the breastbone or sternum.
  • The sternum is a single long bone in the middle of the thoracic cavity
  • The limbs consist of the maximum number of bones
  • The girdles, shoulder, and hip connects the appendages to the main skeletal framework

Bones are not only reserves of minerals but also an integral part of human anatomy. We might not be aware of it but the bones play an important role throughout our life. So it is our responsibility to keep them healthy.

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