How To Control Hair Fall – Treatment, Causes & Prevention

How To Control Hair Fall - Treatment, Causes & Prevention

how to control hair fall

What is your biggest problem in life? 

What is that one thing which you want to recur immediately?

If we are not wrong, it’s hair fall, isn’t it? 

This hair fall is one of the serious problems that are making our lives horrendous. No sooner do we see a strand in our hand than we start panicking and searching the internet for the hair loss treatment. 

However, do you know what causes hair fall? We have listed out 8 major causes of hair fall in this article you must know them to prevent hair fall.

Because without knowing the cause, how will control hair fall? 

So let us first know what are the causes of this tedious problem!

Major Causes Of Hair Fall:

We will discuss some of the important and most noticeable causes here. 

Moreover, the causes vary from person to person. Henceforth, these are the common causes.

• Hair loss is a direct side effect of mental trauma and anxiety.
• Hypothyroidism is another cause of hair loss.
• Sometimes, obese people confronts weak hair and hence its loss. See     here how can you reduce body weight.
• Too much of Vitamin A or Retinol in blood is a mediocre reason for         the hair loss.
• Keratin, a protein when present in less amount causes hair fall. This       occurs when you take low protein diet.
• Recent studies show hair loss can also be inherited.
• Female hormones especially estrogen plays an important role. It’s           disbalance results in hair fall.
• Anaemia is quite common in people. And hence people suffer from         hair loss.

Hair fall does not have any direct cause. Instead, it is mostly treated as a symptom or consequence.

How To Control Hair Fall?

This question is on everyone’s lips. However, it is quite difficult to control hair fall. 

As a matter of fact, NO HAIR FALL condition is ideal. It can be reduced but could not be made zero. 

So we prefer home remedies than any chemicals. Advantages of home remedies are many, you just have to take a shift.


  Coconut milk is a beneficial hair fall treatment. As can be seen, coconut oil nourishes your dry scalp and adds nutrients to it. It also prevents the hair breakage. The fatty acids in the oil interact with the natural protein and hence prevents loss.


  Aloe vera is the best hair fall remedy especially when you have dry scalp. The proteolytic enzymes nourish the scalp. It also makes hair shiny and promotes the growth of hair. Also, aloe vera greatly reduces dandruff.


   How to control hair fall by using Amla? It is a simple fruit, then how is it effective? Amla is rich in Vitamin C. In the long run, Vitamin C helps in building collagen for the hair. In addition to this, it is a food for the hair and your scalp.


   Protein is in abundance in egg whites. So whenever the question pops out how to control hair fall, break an egg and apply it on your scalp. The protein helps in nourishing the hair roots. This, in turn, prevents breakage.

Home remedies can be done twice or thrice a week. It actually is very helpful and does not damage anything.

How To Control Hair Fall With Proper Daily Care?

Besides these, you also have to be careful of your daily habits. Our regular schedule affects our hair’s health. 

• Have a proper sleep so that anxieties are lessened.
• Washing of hair thoroughly must be done.
• Don’t tie up wet hair as it can cause dandruff.
• Don’t drink too much alcohol or even puff cigars. See here what are the harmful effects of smoking.

Hair prevention depends mainly upon personal hygiene and diet. It also depends on your physical and psychological condition. So you need to be aware whenever you are feeling out of the track.

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