How to lose weight fast Up to 2 Kgs in 7 Days with less diet plan.

How to lose weight fast Up to 2 Kgs in 7 Days with less diet plan.

lose weight fast

Let’s break this entire weight loss program into steps by step process for the better understanding of how to lose weight fast.

Before getting into the steps I want to share few key points which are really very important.

First Key Point:  Weight control is not a one day process, it takes time, it could take few weeks or few months as well.

Second key point:  It needs your dedication your willpower your sacrifice. You have to stop few things to eat. You have to dedicate few minute (30-Min to 45-Min) of time for the workout. If you are able to manage with these things you can easily crack this how to weight loss program.

Step by step process for how to reduce weight.

lose weight fast

Step-1: Check your weight before starting this weight loss program, because this will become the reason to motivate you to continue this best weight loss plan.

Step-2: Calculate your daily calorie intake it is very very important. Because of High-calorie foods, we gain weight so we have to control our daily calorie intake.

Step-3: Find your daily fiber intake of each meal, because the main purpose of fiber is to digest the food and take the waste out of our body.

Step-4: Best diet to lose weight ( I will help you to prepare better weight loss meal ).

Step-5: And finally workout for at least 30Min. That’s it.

Step-6: Drink minimum 4-5Liters of water per day.

If you can follow the above six steps daily for 2-weeks you can see the change in yourself and you will say this is the best weight loss plan.

Now let me elaborate the above steps to make you understand in an effective way.

Before we get into each steps explanation let’s talk about your morning drink.

How to prepare your morning drink to Lose weight fast.

lose weight fast
  • Take a glass of warm water.
  • Take a medium size lemon.
  • Chop lemon into multiple slices.
  • Take 1 chopped  Garlic cloves.
  • Take 1 spoon of honey.
  • Put the lemon slices, honey, and Garlic cloves in to warm water for 2 to 3 minutes and have this lemon juice in the empty stomach.

Impact of it having lemon juice

Lemon juice detoxes our body with the help of citrus acid and flushes the toxins which we consume through fried foods pollution and dust.

Now let's elaborate the above steps to lose weight fast.

Explanation of Step 1:  If you don’t know how much overweight you are and how much you need to lose.

This will help you to set your goal about how much weight you should lose in how many days. 

Explanation of Step 2: Calories  play a major role either you want to maintain your weight or gain weight or you want to lose weight. 

So its very importan to know your daily calorie intake so that you can control your weight. If you need to lose weight fast then you have to burn your extra calories. 

You can calculate your daily calorie intake, it’s hardly 2min job. So that  you can control you diet accoding to calorie intake.

Follow this simple and easy article to calculate your daily calorie intake.

 I recommend you have a look of these foods this will help you to prepare the best diet plan to lose weight.

Explanation of Step 3: 

As I said the purpose of fiber is to digest the food and take the waste out of our body. So we must have a certain amount of fiber in our each meal.

Explanation of Step 4: 

One of the major step to lose weight. Most of the people failed to follow the weight loss Diet plan.

The reason behind it we immediately jumped into a weight loss diet plan which is quite difficult and our body don’t allow to switch immediately. So at this point of time, I personally suggest adopting the diet plan slowly rather than switching immediately.

Now the question is 

How we can adapt the diet plan. It’s Simple. 

  • Take your time for it.
  • I mean don’t stop everything immediately take 2-3Days and move slowly towards your diet plan.
  • Let the body adjust slowly.

Below is the simple diet plan for you. You can use this for first few days and then you can follow this detailed diet plan going forward.

~: Light breakfast diet plan to lose weight fast:~

lose weight fast

Try to have your breakfast within an hours when you get up.

  • 2 or 3 Slice of wheat/Brown bread toasted with one banana.
  • Oat Meal 25gm along with boiled 2 boiled eggs.
  • Sprouts with fruit salad and one banana.
  • 2 chapati with the pulse with an omelet of 2eggs (white part only).
  • 2 slice of Brown or wheat bread with Fruit salad.
  • Mix all these fruits Carrots, beetroot, and lemon. and make a glass of juice for your empty stomach.

~: Lunch diet plan to lose weight fast:~

I am not good at cooking so it’s quite difficult for me to tell you the recipe names but I can tell you what I had in my lunch was made of below things.

  • You can use these green vegetables to prepare your lunch. Broccoli, Spinach, Green beans, Kidney Beans, ladyfinger, capsicum, onion, and tomato.
  • Use Green vegetables half cooked.
  • You can have Fruit salad made of banana, pineapple, orange, Apple, watermelon, muskmelon,  Carrot, beetroot, avocado.
  • You can have two chapatis or wheat bread with green vegetables.
  • Use Green green salad.

~: Dinnar diet plan to lose weight fast:~

Eat your dinner before 1hr before sleep.

  • Chicken breast grilled 100g cooked in tomato, onion curd (4spoon) and 1 Spoon catchup.
  • Use Green salad. You can use the same vegetables which we discussed in lunch diet plan.
  • You can user broken wheat(30g) with green beans, kidney beans and tomato.
  • Use Green Salad made of spinach, carrot, tomato and capsicum.

Note:  These foods are highly restricted foods during weight loss plan. These are Junk Foods, Sweets, Cake, Ice Creams, Red Meat, and fried foods.

Explanation of Step 5: 

Another toughest one we usually start with full energy just and we expect to result in few days which is not possible.

To see the impact you should wait for almost 15Days (again it depends on how many workouts you are doing and what diet you are following)

Initially, it’s painful but keep in mind “NO PAIN NO GAIN“. Below you can find some basic workouts for beginners. You can do these workouts at home as well as gym.

Below you can find some basic workouts for beginners.

These are the basic weight loss exercises for beginners. You can do these workouts at home as well as in the gym. Going forward you can do these weight loss exercise at home.

~:Workouts for 15 minutes only to lose weight fast:~

  • Spot jogging for 2mins then take a break for 30sec and repeat it 3 times.
  • Do sit-ups 7 times and then take a break for 30sec and repeat it for 4 times.
  • Skipping 50 times then take a break for 30Sec and repeat it for 4 times.
  • Do 4 set of Bur-pees, 1-set should contain at list 5-times.

Water has a great role to lose weight, so drink at least 5-6 liters of water a day and stp using oily of deep fried foods and snaks. 

Before starting these workouts and diet plan please measure your weight to see the change at the end of the week, and I am sure you are going to lose at list 1kg to 1.5kg in a week. 

You just need to convince yourself and dedicate your 30min of time for the workout and stick with the diet plan.   And I am pretty sure that you are going to repeat these for 6-8 weeks. All The Best 🙂

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