Top 11 exercises, you can do these best exercise anywhere.

Best exercise anywhere

This topic is especially for those who don’t have enough time to deal with exercise separately.?

To do all these exercises you don’t have to go to the gym or get up early in the morning to go for a walk or do the workout at home.

These tips are really going to work for you because you don’t to dedicate separate time for it. You can do these best exercise anywhere in your day to day activities without putting extra efforts.

Below is the list of top 11 exercises which you can do these best exercise anywhere.?

  • We Should use stairs instead of elevator/lift in office. We can easily afford up to the fourth floor by walk using the staircase. which is more useful than a normal walk for 200 meters.
  • Always take long route instead of short to reach out to your colleague/friends in office.
  • Keep walking while talking on cell phone.
  • Keep walking while waiting for someone.
  • Don’t use bike/car for short distances 1-2km go by walk. Like, suppose you are going for some grocery items then go by walk.
  • After lunch walk for at least 500 meters, take one round or two rounds of your office or home.
  • Park your car/bike as far away as possible from the shop so that you can walk little more.
  • Go for swimming over the weekends for 30min to 1hr. Swimming is one of the best exercises to lose weight fast and keep yourself fit.
  • While watching TV you can use the commercial break time for exercises like site-us, spot jogging or plank.
  • Use Cycle for short distance.
  • Start playing with your kids at home or take them out to some park over the weekends.

Try to add more fiber to your daily diet and drink as much water you can drink.

Here is the list of high fiber foods which is really very helpful along with the above workouts.

  • List of high fiber food with images.

If you are able to manage just 15-min of time at home you can do the below workouts.

The above tips will help you to burn fat which will lead to losing weight, It will lower diseases risk and strengthens your heart, you will be getting more energy,

If you are going to do at least any four among them alternatively, you will see the change by yourself.?

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