List of workout at home without equipment to lose weight

List of workout at home without equipment to lose weight

workout at home

Here is the “list of workout at home without equipment to lose weight”.

   These comes under total body workout at home program, which means these workouts will cover your total body to keep you fit. 

Its not all about only belly fat or sides fat. 

If you are looking something easy and can be easily done workout at home then you must try these weight loss workouts. 

Do this just for 15 days honestly, you will be surptised to see the result.

Workout at home #1. Burpees

workout at home

       This is one of the best exercise and highly recommended exercise to lose your weight very fast. This is the exercise you can do at home with an excellent outcome.

Bur-pees are the ultimate example of functional fitness, meaning they’ll not only help you meet your weight loss and fitness goals, they’ll also help you perform better during everyday activities. Initially do at list 10 reps a day then slowly increase as much you can.

How to do this.

Take the position as shown in the above image. Perform 10 reps at least. Initially, it will difficult to have 6-7 reps and going forward you can do more than 15 reps.

Along with diet and workout, drinks has a great role to lose weight and burn body fat. You can find top 5 highly recommended Juice here This will help you to reach your goal.

Workout at home #2. Bicycle crunches

workout at home

Bicycle crunches:

              Another recommended workout at home, This workout is one of the best workouts to burn fat from your tummy and sides, This is very much helpful for the one wants to build their abs as well.

How to do this.

You can do this workout by lying flat on your back by putting your hands behind your head. Lift/bend your knees off the floor towards your chest. First, rotate to the right and try to touch the left knee with the right hand elbow and then do the same for right knew as well by trying to meet the right knee with the left hand elbow.

Do 30 reps in one go, then take a break of 20 seconds and repeat the same for 3 times

All the effort may go in  the wrong direction due to unhealthy foods. Find top 20 restricted foods here which you should not have during dieting. 

Workout at home #3. Mountain Climbers

workout at home

Mountain Climbers: 

This is an excellent exercise that has been designed to tone your body and build lean muscles.
It comes with several benefits. Some of them are building endurance, agility, and performance while working out.

This workout helpful for reducing tummy fats, better buts, and thighs as well.

How to do this.

In order to do this take the position as shown in image pull your left knew towards your right chest to burn your sides, you can pull your left knew towards left chest as well to burn your lower abdominal fat. Repeat this for left legs as well.

Follow the image to get the proper position.

Do 20 Reps in one shot and take a break of 10-seconds and then repeat the same for 3 times.

Your food, during the workout, is very important. The foods which contain high fiber has a great role to burn your body fat. You can find  Top 18 high fiber  foods for dieting here

Workout at home #4. Plank

workout at home


         Although planking looks easy,  but it’s not that easy.  This is an incredibly popular exercise – which should be part of everyone’s workout routine.

    The basic plank requires no equipment, can be done virtually anywhere, engages multiple muscle groups simultaneously and benefits the whole body in a multitude of ways.

How to do this.

Follow the image to get the proper position. Do Just 45 Seconds to 1-min a day for beginners. An expert can do it till 8 minutes  as well.

Workout at home #5. Push UPs

workout at home

Push UPs:
         It’s a Good Full Body Workout. Push-ups help tremendously for a fitter you. Push-ups help you to focus on your arms, abs and your lower body, all at the same time. They train your muscles to work together and become stronger.

How to do this.

Follow the image to get the proper position.
Start with 10 push-ups and increase the number by 5/day. Increase the count as much you can do.

Workout at home #6. Skipping

workout at home

Skipping is a full body workout as you are practically utilizing all parts of your body.
It is especially great for toning and developing the thighs, shins, and calf muscles.
It engages and improves the hip-flexor or muscles.

How to do this.

Follow the image to get the proper position.
As a beginner, you can do 80-100 in a day, and going forward increase till 400 to 500.

Workout at home #7. Squats

workout at home

This is one of the easiest exercise which can be easily done at home without any equipment. By doing this you can give a better shape of your body.  It has a great impact on your thighs, abs and lower abdominal. 

  • Increase Entire Body Strength & Muscle
  • Burn fat of our legs and lower abdominal.
  •  Squat exercises are very useful for the digestion system.
  • Tone Your Abs, Legs and Butt
  • Very useful for healthy bones and joints.

How to do this.

Follow the image to get the proper position. As per your comfort at the beginning you can do 5 squats at list 10 and increase as much you can do.

Hope you like this article about workout at home,   As you can see, you can do all these exercise without equitpment.  Don’t have time to do the workout? Try This

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